AgriMaxx ESP and Animal Husbandry

 A Texas rancher reported that his cattle prefer AgriMaxx ESP treated water when given a choice, ranchers have also reported the following:

  • Farm animals have been observed to have higher weight gain on less food when growing and with less pathogenic activity

  • Kansas rancher reports cattle gaining 3.86 lb/day

  • Fewer cattle are lost to disease

  • Hormones and antibiotics are reduced or entirely eliminated


Success Story

A farmer installed a unit on his main water supply and a dual box on the drinking water for his chickens. His local water supply runs from 3,600-3,800 PPM  of salts and was never fed to the chickens because of the salts. He hauled an average of 17,000 GPD of sweet water for the chickens’ drinking water. After the AgriMaxx ESP unit was installed, he stopped all sweet water and gave the chickens the local raw water. He saved the cost of the sweet water for the 120,000 chickens, and the mortality rate went from about 8% to less than 1%. His chickens grew to selling weights 5 days ahead of normal, weighing 2 kilograms in 35 days instead of 40-42 days, which saved him several tons of feed.

How it works

The electron transport chain uses cytochromes to take the electrons from the broken down food (reagent), which leads to the production of energy and water. By providing the organism with a free electron source previously unavailable for cell metabolism, the Agrimaxx water provides extra energy in the form of raw electrons to drive the electron chain. This may help overcome any inhibitory factors to this process, which amounts to adding free fuel to the organism. The Agrimaxx treated water addresses poor digestion, faulty enzymes, inefficient or slow metabolism depleted food chain, including inhibiting factors in water as a result of scale, hardness, improper balance of dissolved solids or reagents in the water itself. This process may also re-balance the salts in a correct manner for proper cellular metabolism or homeostasis.

Free electrons act as free radical scavengers (as free radicals are electron deprived), therefore neutralizing the negative impact of the free radicals, which prevents the cell damage related to the presence of free radicals.  This process allows the free electrons to coexist with the dynamic equilibrium potential of water, no matter how pure the pretreated water source.