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Lake and Pond Algae Remediation and Invasive Species Removal

Toxic Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) blooms occur in many parts of the country when the temperatures rise and water is stagnant. Algae is unsightly, inconvenient for growers (clogs irrigation systems) and is actually dangerous to humans and animals. According to the Center for Disease Control: 

"Algae and cyanobacteria are simple, plant-like organisms that live in the water. Algae and cyanobacteria can rapidly grow out of control, or “bloom,” when water is warm, slow-moving, and full of nutrients. Blooms can occur in fresh water, salt water, and brackish (a mixture of fresh and salt) water around the world. Blooms sometimes look like foam, scum, mats, or paint on the surface of the water. They can even make the water appear different colors, including green, blue, red, brown, or another color.

Blooms of algae or cyanobacteria can be harmful to people, animals, or the environment if they

  • produce toxins (poisons)

  • become too dense

  • use up the oxygen in the water or

  • release harmful gases"

SOURCE: CDC Website on Cyanobacteria


Cyanobacteria makes lakes and ponds dangerous to humans and animals during the hottest times of the year and cause a handful of deaths each summer. It can also affect livestock and farming operations or inhibit irrigation system efficacy.

Agrimaxx has found a way to combat Blue Green Algae (and other forms of algae), kill it after it blooms, and/or keep it from growing regardless of the temperature, water stagnation or nitrate levels in the water. 

Agrimaxx has also found ways to stop invasive carp from taking over bodies of water by introducing frequencies to kill the carp eggs. This allows the carp to die off in one generation, while having no negative impact to other fish or water organisms that are not being targeted (or leaving you with a lake full of dead carp).  To learn more or get a quote, please submit a Contact Form and we'll get right back with you.

Before Agrimaxx System
Testimonial: Private Lake Blue Green Algae

I was introduced to Agrimaxx by one of my neighbors who knows their General Manager (Todd Meyers) and I've been blown away by the results I've seen from this little water unit. I own property with a 6-acre lake that is 30 feet deep and have converted my lake into a fishery for my friends and family to use. I've stocked my lake with largemouth bass and bluegill fish; and my family loves spending time relaxing by the lake, fishing, water skiing and just soaking in the natural beauty of the property.

I've always had issues with toxic blue-green algae in my pond, especially in the summer months (June through September) when the temperatures climb in the valley. I've tried pumps, filters and researched everything I could to combat this algae problem, and nothing I'd tried worked. I'm a 75-year-old retiree and I'm very skeptical about new technology, especially one that is little known and doesn't have scientific evidence backing its claims. To say I was wary of the Agrimaxx technology would be a gross understatement, but they promised me a money back guarantee, so I decided to pull the trigger and purchase one of their units. The Agrimaxx unit was relatively small, they installed it within hours of the unit being delivered and I noticed something was going on within the first day. The technology killed the blue-green algae within 3 or 4 weeks (see pictures with dates below) and the blooms were dissipating for the remainder of the season. In 2021 Idaho had one of the hottest summers on record (which is a huge driver of algae growth) and the algae that had died when we installed the unit in August never came back. It is my expectation that no algae will grow in 2022, and I'm excited to see if the Agrimaxx machine will have this effect.

They built my Agrimaxx unit specifically to kill the algae in my lake, but we saw some other benefits that weren't expected or guaranteed. The unit was installed on a floater in my lake, but we did see some benefits in the well that feeds our house even though the unit was in the lake. The hard water in my house went away (no more hard water deposits), we used half the soap we used to in our laundry, our clothes dried twice as fast, our sheep on the property seemed healthier, our garden looked better than ever, our house plants were healthier, we pulled 5+ pound bass out of our lake... and of course, it removed the algae: which was why we bought it. The most unexpected impact, was on my wife's tremors. She has been suffering from unknown tremors for a few years and after 2 weeks of the unit being installed, they had gone away completely and haven't come back. 

I'm completely blown away by the results we've seen from the Agrimaxx unit and I'm so glad we took a chance on them. It's a no brainer to me: it does exactly what they said it would do (and more) and they have a money back guarantee in the case it didn't. I'm very happy with this product and I'd highly recommend giving these guys a call if you're having ANY kind of water issues.


Bill Blazek

Retired Private Lake Owner

Caldwell, ID

After Agrimaxx System
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*Money back guarantee is based off full customer satisfaction and is valid for 1 year from the delivery of the unit. Each unit does require a small, non-refundable deposit that will not be returned in the case of a customer satisfaction claim, in which a customer requires a refund and return of the Agrimaxx unit(s). Customer must give Agrimaxx the opportunity to fix issues with the purchased unit or replace faulty units before initiating a money back claim.

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