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Customer Testimonials
Field Crop: Alfalfa, Orchard Grass and Hay Forage

Check out their video review at Freewheeling Farms YouTube or on the Agrimaxx YouTube Page.

We met Matt Jantz from Agrimaxx at the World Ag Expo in California in February of 2023 and were very impressed with the claims and results they shared regarding their Agrimaxx Water System. We had some discussions within our family and decided to move forward with purchasing a unit for the 2023 growing season. We were concerned with the HUGE claims they made regarding their results. However, we felt that with their money back guarantee, it was worth the risk.

For the 2023 season, we did not purchase or apply ANY fertilizer or chemicals for our alfalfa/grass hay crops for various reasons, hoping that the Agrimaxx Water System would live up to its claims and fill in that gap. We generally would use 500 lbs/ac of Ammonium Sulfate and 200 lbs/ac of ManoAmmonium Posphate on this piece of ground for our crops, which was about 170 acres in total. Within 2 weeks of installing the unit, we noticed that the drainage in our fields improved significantly. Within a month, our usual "trouble spots" weren't holding water and we could drive in the fields without getting the trucks stuck or bogged down. We were able to cut our water schedule back from 12-14 days to 16-17 days (20-30% reduction) even during the peak of the summer heat without stressing the crops. On our 2nd and 3rd cuts (after the unit was installed) we saw a crop yield increase of 25-30%, and the fields looked more healthy and vibrant. Overall, the crops were significantly more hardy and resilient to the typical seasonal issues and faired surprisingly well through some of our unexpected problems.

Matt was great to work with, he checked in on us regularly to see how things were going and make sure we were happy and had all the support we needed. This machine did everything they said it would do and we're very happy with our purchase. We would highly recommend the Agrimaxx water unit and look forward to many more years of success using this technology. 

Chris and Alicia Wheeler


Wheeler Farms

Garrison, UT

Animal Husbandry: Dairy Owner

We purchased a dairy ESP unit for our cows and a vitality unit for our family at the end of August in 2023 and we've been blown away by what we've seen. The first thing our salesman, Matt, told us to do was to drain our water heater at the dairy within 90 days of installing the unit. When we drained the water heater we pulled 200 pounds, no exaggeration, from the water heater. One of the selling points of this machine was that it would remove scale from our water system and stop if from forming moving forward, so draining that 200 pounds of scale told me it was working as designed. After that, I considered the purchase a win, cause water softening and descaling is really important for our milking equipment and it's better for our cows. 
Through the winter we noticed that our hospital pen was very small, which was a huge surprise because it was a wet, crummy winter season. Generally speaking, a winter like that causes lots of sickness and health issues for my cows, which just didn't happen. Another profitable aspect that that reflects the low hospital  numbers was the savings we've seen in our pharmaceutical cost, which was significant. Our older cows who have a harder time conceiving were getting pregnant and holding their milk production and my voluntary cull numbers are taking even more precedence over my involuntary numbers. Culling healthier cows has improved my  bottom line even more and I believe it's because of the frequencies.
We also saw a major decrease is mastitis, e. coli, salmonella and mortality (all of which they tuned for in my machine), but most importantly our insemination rates went THROUGH THE ROOF. We went from 36% to 58% on first pass and 42% to 72% on second pass, which is something I've never seen before in my herd. Getting that kind of efficiency in my insemination rates was way beyond my expectations and tells me my herd is very healthy, which was my goal. Our cows are also milking really well, I'm seeing increases in my milk gallons per day, fat and protein percentages. We recently retuned my machine to fight the HPAI (avian influenza) which started showing up here in Idaho of late and, from what I've seen, I'm confident this bird flu will not impact my herd which helps me sleep at night. We're also going to start decreasing our detergents and cleaning agents which Matt suggested in the initial pitch. This isn't something we'd normally try,  but since the unit has done everything else he said it would, we're going to give it a shot. 
I've had a great experience with this technology, my sales rep was friendly, honest and extremely responsive anytime I've reached out. I just purchased a farm unit for my silage corn and can't wait to see what our crop looks like this year. I'd highly recommend this product and company.

Jason Nunes


Nunes Family Dairy and Farms

Buhl, ID

Field Crop: Wheat, Canola, Dill and Potatoes

In 2023, we purchased 2 Agrimaxx units from their Canadian rep Chris Ulrich to try them out and see how well they worked. We decided to treat two sets of fields on our property - one had really hard clay soil with major infiltration issues. We had planned to grow wheat, canola and dill on these plots. The other plots, wheat, canola and potatoes. We also had some insects we wanted to run off the field and prevent from eating our crops.


After 1 year, we are very happy with the performance of the Agrimaxx units and have actually purchased another 2 Agrimaxx machines for another group of fields we want to treat for 2024. We saw better water infiltration in our problem fields (ground dried faster on the surface) and we saw no bug problems on our emerging canola (while the other untreated fields had substantial infestation). One of the units produced the best canola crop we had seen with a variety we have grown for a number of years (had an extra 7-8 bushels compared to other years) and I believe Agrimaxx was responsible as nothing else was changed, all other treated fields had top yields as well. Based on what I have seen, I have ordered 2 more Agrimaxx systems for 2024.


One of the major reasons we took a chance on Agrimaxx was that we had a potential to have water rationed last year (2023) and this year we may get only up to 75% of the water we generally get. Last year we didn’t cut back on water, fertilizer or chemicals (which can be one of the major benefits of the Agrimaxx system), but this year we’re strongly considering it  because of the results we saw from them in 2023. The best thing about the Agrimaxx unit was -  you buy it, plug it in and you’re done. No filters to replace, no chemicals to add; just make sure you’ve got power and it does it’s job. I’m very satisfied with my purchase, their customer service was great, the product was easy to install and it only uses a small amount of electricity.I belive It did what they said it can do.


Jerry Thacker,

H. Thacker & Sons Farms Ltd.

Alberta, Canada


We've had our Agrimaxx unit for several years and have been happy with the results we've seen. We grow sod, trees and other ornamental nursery plants and saw some great results with the Agrimaxx unit. Our trees grew very quickly and were the best we've ever seen as far as grade, size and quality of the trees. We saw more consistent growth and used less fertilizer in our growing cycles (which saved us time and money).  Agrimaxx’s service and follow up has been great. Not only did they work with us along the way, they offered a partial money back guarantee on the first unit we installed as a test. For us, these units are well worth the money.  We have installed 3 more units at other farming locations and are looking forward to seeing the results in other places of our business. I'd definitely recommend Agrimaxx to folks in the nursery industry, or anyone with water challenges.

Tyler Kuenzi

General Manager

Kuenzi Turf and Nursery

Salem, OR

Private Lake: Toxic Blue-Green Algae Remediation

I was introduced to Agrimaxx by one of my neighbors who knows their General Manager (Todd Meyers) and I've been blown away by the results I've seen from this little water unit. I own property with a 6-acre lake that is 30 feet deep and have converted my lake into a fishery for my friends and family to use. I've stocked my lake with largemouth bass and bluegill fish; and my family loves spending time relaxing by the lake, fishing, water skiing and just soaking in the natural beauty of the property.

I've always had issues with toxic blue-green algae in my pond, especially in the summer months (June through September) when the temperatures climb in the valley. I've tried pumps, filters and researched everything I could to combat this algae problem, and nothing I'd tried worked. I'm a 75-year-old retiree and I'm very skeptical about new technology, especially one that is little known and doesn't have scientific evidence backing its claims. To say I was wary of the Agrimaxx technology would be a gross understatement, but they promised me a money back guarantee, so I decided to pull the trigger and purchase one of their units. The Agrimaxx unit was relatively small, they installed it within hours of the unit being delivered and I noticed something was going on within the first day. The technology killed the blue-green algae within 3 or 4 weeks (see pictures with dates below) and the blooms were dissipating for the remainder of the season. In 2021 the Idaho had one of the hottest summers on record (which is a huge driver of algae growth) and the algae that had died when we installed the unit in August never came back. It is my expectation that no algae will grow in 2022, and I'm excited to see if the Agrimaxx machine will have this effect.

They built my Agrimaxx unit specifically to kill the algae in my lake, but we saw some other benefits that weren't expected or guaranteed. The unit was installed on a floater in my lake, but we did see some benefits in the well that feeds our house even though the unit was in the lake. The hard water in my house went away (no more hard water deposits), we used half the soap we used to in our laundry, our clothes dried twice as fast, our sheep on the property seemed healthier, our garden looked better than ever, our house plants were healthier, we pulled 5+ pound bass out of our lake... and of course, it removed the algae: which was why we bought it. The most unexpected impact, was on my wife's tremors. She has been suffering from unknown tremors for a few years and after 2 weeks of the unit being installed, they had gone away completely and haven't come back. 

I'm completely blown away by the results we've seen from the Agrimaxx unit and I'm so glad we took a chance on them. It's a no brainer to me: it does exactly what they said it would do (and more) and they have a money back guarantee in the case it didn't. I'm very happy with this product and I'd highly recommend giving these guys a call if you're having ANY kind of water issues.


Bill Blazek

Retired Private Lake Owner

Caldwell, ID

Golf Course Maintenance

During my 18 year career as a golf course superintendent, I installed four ESP water conditioning systems, in four geographically different locations: coastal, desert, altitude, and Mediterranean climates. In all four cases, the installation proved to be a game changer, whereby irrigation performance was improved with reduced surface tension, water use was lowered due to improved efficiency, and turfgrass quality was superlative from the beginning to the end of every season. Moreover, at all four locations, my water source and its quality were never similar from recycled water, high bicarbonate well water, potable, to ultra-pure snow melt. In all four locations, I was able to tweak the water with the negatively charged frequencies, so the hydrogen bonding in the water source was broken and water was better able to flow freely from turf to soil. For the price of a new grinder and the cost to power a light bulb, you can make a dramatic impact on your entire golf course with a maintenance free ESP unit.

Frank Zamazal


Enhanced Organics, LLC

Denver, CO

Hydroponic Microgreens

Jesse Hershberger: COO

We have been using the ESP system in our automatic watering system that we use to grow microgreens. Our water supply comes straight from the municipal water supply and does not have a pre filter. Simply said the ESP system has not only kept our newer platters from getting the elbow busting build up from forming, with our general rinse outs and a simple scrub, but it started to break apart some of the pre-existing build up on older platters. By keeping the build up from forming we are able to greatly reduce our labor in this area and focus it back towards the plants and new ways to better our industry.

Ian Mott: CEO/Founder

Super Micro Greens has been in using the ESP system in our automatic watering system. Watering is a part of our production system. We developed a testing protocol and ran side by side controls with all tests. Our initial tests showed no adverse effects on the produce growth and yields. After this success we moved on to larger trials and so far have had great results.

Super Micro Greens primary purpose for these tests was to assess the effects on lime and calcium scale in trays and plumbing systems. We performed a quick in maintenance cycle cleaning and compared our control platters vs the ESP system platter. The ESP platters was cleaned faster and with less physical effort. For a savings of approximately 25% or more in labor costs based on initial limited data set. We noticed plumbing systems stayed cleaner and had less visible build up and residue.

The ESP treated water was added to a reservoir physically disconnected from the ESP system. We saw existing lime and calcium scales in this system break up and come off of platters. When a normal cleaning cycle was performed the labor was reduced by approximately 80% based on initial limited data set.

In conclusion if the ESP system reduced our labor by as little as 10% I would recommend it. Any facility dealing with water at volume is going to be dealing with maintenance costs associated. Based on our initial trials I am projecting a labor reduction in over all maintenance costs by 50% or more and we may be able to reduce the frequency of cleaning cycles for an additional savings.


Indianapolis, ID

Cannabis Grower 

I’m writing my own experience with not just my knowledge but how well The AgriMaxx ESP system works with my knowledge of the industry. I was called out of the blue by Mike Crist. Mike talked about this technology using frequencies with water, I said come on over. This was the beginning of the biggest challenge that ended up in my hands, one on one with AgriMaxx the machine. I would have never thought about water the way I do now. I’m going to refer to “Hydro Logic RSO Filters” compared to AgriMaxx ESP System. The AgriMaxx system is so efficient that your plants will thank you for it, so will your wallet to pay the water company. HL RSO is the most efficient product to WASTE WATER RATIOS in the industry.

AgriMaxx can customize your own system to your standards and needs regarding water, soil and insect issues.

I have my Standards so overall in the last 4 months using AgriMaxx from the first day I started using it, I had to adjust my formula for my fertilizer the first watering of my entire operation.  My number one goal was to cut costs on Fertilizer and Water usage. The bonus of saving the usage of water and fertilizer is to maximize your growth rate. Overall you will see Healthier, Sturdier Branches to hold up those plump juicy flowers of yours with 10% more yield not guaranteed by AgriMaxx since this is 100% the grower’s responsibility not to burn up your plants by over fertilizing. The Fertilizer I use is 95% Organic/5% Mineral Based. My first watering I took a 35-gal recipe to a 25-gal recipe for 35-gal of water.

The more I used this system, the more benefits I found to be more useful. I have seen less salt build up around the base of the pots and trays. I found out that I do not need to use any detergents, only this water. The best bonus of this system, it allows you to drink the water not like other filter company’s.

The benefits out way everything this machine has to offer also can outperform any filtration systems on the market. There is unlimited water per day that your water pipe can handle. I have Used HL RSO, Sediment and Carbon filters that take out certain harmful chemicals. Since I get to take certain harmful chemicals out of my water which helps the Cannabis Plant uptake the nutrients faster and easier for the tissues to absorb resulting in a very healthy plant. All varieties yield differently.


I stand behind AgriMaxx one hundred percent!

No one can take my knowledge, skills, and years of experience away from me and tell me that this machine doesn’t work. You will get this technology, or you won’t. If you like high priced fertilizer and high-water bills keep on keeping on. Because we all grow differently so 101 factors come into play to cut your cost not mine. If any company says within one week, they haven’t seen one thing different I will call them out. Since I’m trying everything to discredit the ability of this machine. I have not found one thing wrong nor one thing it can’t do. All it does every day is to help you not work against you. I did not look for this machine, this machine found its way to me from a random phone call which lead to some of the best water on the planet.

My last words are going to be Challenge AgriMaxx and if you find one thing it wrong with it, I’ll be amazed.


U4iK Gardens LLP  

Some of our customers value their privacy and weren't interested in having their information posted on this website.
Below are some customer accounts who weren't willing to share their company names or information, but did have great success with the Agrimaxx ESP System.

Farm Customer

About 54 acres of farm growing alfalfa for 1000 head of sheep, dates, and small patches of vegetables.  His water is 4800-5080 PPM salts from 3 wells.  He also has a problem with coli-form in the water, with one well testing out at 200 colonies per 100 m/l of water.  His alfalfa was being cut every 20 days at about 15"-18" in height and the stems were hollow, indicating poor food production by the plant.  After installation of the triple box AgriMaxx ESP units on the three wells the following happened;

     1) Alfalfa is now growing to 24"-30" in height prior to the 20 day cutting.  This is happening even though he is using a sprinkler gun water system that throws the water into the air for about 50 feet before it comes down.  This is extremely dry atmospheric conditions with less than 10% humidity most of the warmer months which concentrates the salts in the water not evaporated as it flies through the air.


     2) The alfalfa is 90% solid stem now because the AgriMaxx ESP unit is supplying missing nutrients and the plant is able to get from the soil the remaining nutrients it could not get before from the soil due to the salt.


     3) No more salt build up in the soil.  We had soil samples taken fro the first three months and the soil salinity dropped 30% in those three months.  The salt does not stop up the irrigation system anymore either.

Farm Customer
A large farm with greenhouses and open fields of vegetables growing flowers, roses, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, celery, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, and melons.  We installed an AgriMaxx ESP unit with a triple box on his main water supply line going into a large underground storage tank from where the water was distributed to all parts of the farm.  Because we could not get the unit where it could always be in contact with the water in the tank, we attached a bare copper wire with a steel rod on the end to the antenna inside the AgriMaxx ESP unit and fed this through the pipe into the water in the tank, about 15 feet, thus allowing the unit to be in contact with the water in the tank all the time.  We were told and shown the following;


     1) The discoloration of growth in the roses dropped from 50% to about 10% after 2 months of use.

     2) Roses infected with mildew were sectioned off and some were sprayed with water and some with chemicals they normally use.  The section  sprayed with the treated water had less mildew and were healthier compared to the ones sprayed with chemicals.  The owner showed me this himself as it was plainly visible.

     3) They had an attack of fungus due to some damp weather in December and it was killed by spraying it with the treated water taken from the line right after the AgriMaxx ESP unit.

     4) All plants on the farm were extremely healthy and beautiful, and I was given vegetables and flowers from the farm to taste and observe.  I've never seen more beautiful peppers, cabbage, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, and the taste was superb.  The flowers were beautiful and lasted for up to 10 or more days in my home.

    5) He dipped or washed all flowers and vegetables in the treated water and observed that they stayed fresh about twice as long as before. I can attest to this from my own observation of flowers and vegetables he gave me.


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