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AgriMaxx ESP Water Conditioning System 

The AgriMaxx ESP (Energy System Plus) System is NOT a water softener or reverse osmosis system. The AgriMaxx ESP water unit is a patented electronic device which works with the ion structure of the water in order to achieve the desired water composition. It is the latest scientific application of an age-old principle based on the sound laws of physics. 

Water that passes through a controlled electrostatic field in the unit is treated by a patented wave which creates an improved taste, reduced odor, scale reduction and can control other significant problems in water sources used for feed or irrigation.

From golf courses in California or Hawaii to the local corn field that puts food on your table, AgriMaxx provides a dramatic reduction in water and nutrient usage.

About us

AgriMaxx is committed to helping growers maximize yields by installing our water conditioner energy systems into all growing environments. With decades of proven results in agricultural environments, we are confident our product delivers consistent results.

New Releases

Snowmaking ESP System Now Available!

  • Protect your investment

  • Remove existing scale and keep new scale from forming, prolonging life of equipment

  • Environmentally friendly while eliminating the need for additives of any kind 

  • Make better quality snow with less water

Hemp AgriMaxx ESP Unit Available Now

  • Increased crop dry yield 10%-15

  • Reduces nutrient consumption by 20%-25%

  • Reduces overall water consumption

  • Helps plants reach their full genetic potential

  • Energizes nutrients/minerals into suspension

  • Increased disease and insect resistance 



Water Conditioning for Agricultural Purposes:


Our water conditioning systems have proven results in the areas of improved crop yields, scale reduction, reduction in fertilizer and pesticide requirements as well as increased water uptake/retention. In addition, the shelf life of vegetables grown with the AgriMaxx ESP system is significantly extended.