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Hard Water Scale Reduction for Homes and Businesses

Hard water is an issue that impacts homeowners and businesses throughout the world, and the impact reaches far beyond unsightly hard water stains (rust and mineral deposits). Hard water can cause rust and erosion in pipes/appliances, reduce energy efficiency in pumps/appliances, cause soap/cleaning product waste, shorten the life of appliances/fabrics and have a negative impact on your skin/hair heath. When minerals like calcium or iron (primary causes of hard water) are present in water, it takes more energy to move the water through the entire water system due to minerals attaching to pipes and appliances in the water system. Once the minerals attach, they build up to decrease water flow and cause rust to form and eat away metal surfaces. These minerals also attach to fabrics/surfaces after they exit the water system, leaving hard water stains and causing fabrics to become brittle and have a shorter lifespan. Soap lathers better and leaves less soap scum with soft water than hard water, so less soap is required to get the desired soap consistency and effect when hard water is softened.


The Agrimaxx home water scale unit stops hard water scale from forming and cleans/removes existing scale from pipes, pumps and appliances: without the need to add salt or other additives to the water system. This happens due to the change in water molecule structure from the electrical frequencies introduced into the water system. The Agrimaxx system also improves the taste and odor of your home's water supply and can be customized to improve the health of lawns and gardens, while using less water, fertilizer  and chemicals. 

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Testimonial: Hard Water Scale Reduction

I was introduced to Agrimaxx by one of my neighbors who knows their General Manager (Todd Meyers) and I've been blown away by the results I've seen from this little water unit. Agrimaxx built a unit specifically to kill the algae in my lake, but we saw some other benefits that weren't expected or guaranteed in our home water system. The hard water in my house went away (no more hard water deposits), we used half the soap we used to in our laundry, our clothes dried twice as fast, our sheep on the property seemed healthier, our garden looked better than ever, our house plants were healthier... The most unexpected impact, was on my wife's tremors. She has been suffering from unknown tremors for a few years and after 2 weeks of the unit being installed, they had gone away completely and haven't come back. 

I'm completely blown away by the results we've seen from the Agrimaxx unit and I'm so glad we took a chance on them. It's a no brainer to me: it does exactly what they said it would do (and more) and they have a money back guarantee in the case it didn't. I'm very happy with this product and I'd highly recommend giving these guys a call if you're having ANY kind of water issues.


Bill Blazek


Caldwell, ID

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*Money back guarantee is based off full customer satisfaction and is valid for 1 year from the delivery of the unit. Each unit does require a small, non-refundable deposit that will not be returned in the case of a customer satisfaction claim, in which a customer requires a refund and return of the Agrimaxx unit(s). Customer must give Agrimaxx the opportunity to fix issues with the purchased unit or replace faulty units before initiating a money back claim.

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