Hydroponics Customer - MicroSuperGreens - Indianapolis, IN

Jesse Hershberger: COO

We have been in using the ESP system in our automatic watering system that we use to grow microgreens. Our water supply comes straight from the municipal water supply and does not have a pre filter. Simply said the ESP system has not only kept our newer platters from getting the elbow busting build up from forming, with our general rinse outs and a simple scrub, but it started to break apart some of the pre-existing build up on older platters. By keeping the build up from forming we are able to greatly reduce our labor in this area and focus it back towards the plants and new ways to better our industry.

Ian Mott: CEO/Founder

Super Micro Greens has been in using the ESP system in our automatic watering system. Watering is a part of our production system. We developed a testing protocol and ran side by side controls with all tests. Our initial tests showed no adverse effects on the produce growth and yields. After this success we moved on to larger trials and so far have had great results.

Super Micro Greens primary purpose for these tests was to assess the effects on lime and calcium scale in trays and plumbing systems. We performed a quick in maintenance cycle cleaning and compared our control platters vs the ESP system platter. The ESP platters was cleaned faster and with less physical effort. For a savings of approximately 25% or more in labor costs based on initial limited data set. We noticed plumbing systems stayed cleaner and had less visible build up and residue.

The ESP treated water was added to a reservoir physically disconnected from the ESP system. We saw existing lime and calcium scales in this system break up and come off of platters. When a normal cleaning cycle was performed the labor was reduced by approximately 80% based on initial limited data set.

In conclusion if the ESP system reduced our labor by as little as 10% I would recommend it. Any facility dealing with water at volume is going to be dealing with maintenance costs associated. Based on our initial trials I am projecting a labor reduction in over all maintenance costs by 50% or more and we may be able to reduce the frequency of cleaning cycles for an additional savings.

Cannabis Grower - NW Nectar - Spokane, WA


It has been an absolute pleasure working with the AgriMaxx team. As a new business in the brand new cannabis industry, we are extremely fortunate to have people on our team like the AgriMaxx team. Outside of the technology they provided us, the most valuable aspect of working with these guys is their willingness to help and assist when needed. As a newer business in the cannabis space, Mike and the team at AgriMaxx have been extremely understanding to the financial demands in our infancy and welcomed working with us with open arms. From donating the equipment for a trial period to working with us on payment structure, AgriMaxx proved repeatedly that they are a “Farmer First” company.


The proprietary technology that AgriMaxx provided us with IMMEDIATELY proved its value to us within 48 hours of installing the water ionization unit. This technology is so much more than a water filtration unit. For us, who use municipal water at our indoor Tier 3 facility in Spokane, we were constantly fighting Ph swings, chlorine, fluoride, as well as all of the other “unfavorable” compounds found in our water supply. Upon installation of the AgriMaxx unit, we immediately had a more stable Ph as well as a noticeable reduction of unfavorable particles being absorbed by the plants. This unit does not remove the particles like a standard RO unit or water filter, however the ionized H2O molecules allowed for the unfavorable particles to be suspended and not accessible to the plants. This unit was a GREAT option for us as opposed to a huge commercial water filtration and RO unit with costly purchase price and consumables.


We noticed great improvements in not only overall plant health, but also vigor, reduced cloning time, stronger/sturdier stalks, and an actual increase in our potency testing on side by side trials. One of the unforeseen upsides to this AgriMaxx unit was the decrease in buildup inside our water tanks, irrigation systems, drip lines, and drain tables. All of which were EASILY wiped down or flushed out without harsh chemicals which is EXTREMELY important to our organic growing practices. Of everything that the AgriMaxx system did for us including the increased profit margin created by lowering labor costs, increasing the value of our product, and their willingness to help us succeed as a company, the most valuable part of working with Mike and his team was to truly have a partner in our success who understands the trials and tribulations farmers go through on a daily basis and their willingness to bend over backwards to ensure our success as a company.


Farm Customer

About 54 acres of farm growing alfalfa for 1000 head of sheep, dates, and small patches of vegetables.  His water is 4800-5080 PPM salts from 3 wells.  He also has a problem with coli-form in the water, with one well testing out at 200 colonies per 100 m/l of water.  His alfalfa was being cut every 20 days at about 15"-18" in height and the stems were hollow, indicating poor food production by the plant.  After installation of the triple box AgriMaxx ESP units on the three wells the following happened;

     1) Alfalfa is now growing to 24"-30" in height prior to the 20 day cutting.  This is happening even though he is using a sprinkler gun water system that throws the water into the air for about 50 feet before it comes down.  This is extremely dry atmospheric conditions with less than 10% humidity most of the warmer months which concentrates the salts in the water not evaporated as it flies through the air.


     2) The alfalfa is 90% solid stem now because the AgriMaxx ESP unit is supplying missing nutrients and the plant is able to get from the soil the remaining nutrients it could not get before from the soil due to the salt.


     3) No more salt build up in the soil.  We had soil samples taken fro the first three months and the soil salinity dropped 30% in those three months.  The salt does not stop up the irrigation system anymore either.


Farm Customer

 A large farm with greenhouses and open fields of vegetables growing flowers, roses, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, celery, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, and melons.  We installed an AgriMaxx ESP unit with a triple box on his main water supply line going into a large underground storage tank from where the water was distributed to all parts of the farm.  Because we could not get the unit where it could always be in contact with the water in the tank, we attached a bare copper wire with a steel rod on the end to the antenna inside the AgriMaxx ESP unit and fed this through the pipe into the water in the tank, about 15 feet, thus allowing the unit to be in contact with the water in the tank all the time.  We were told and shown the following;


     1) The discoloration of growth in the roses dropped from 50% to about 10% after 2 months of use.

     2) Roses infected with mildew were sectioned off and some were sprayed with water and some with chemicals they normally use.  The section  sprayed with the treated water had less mildew and were healthier compared to the ones sprayed with chemicals.  The owner showed me this himself as it was plainly visible.

     3) They had an attack of fungus due to some damp weather in December and it was killed by spraying it with the treated water taken from the line right after the AgriMaxx ESP unit.

     4) All plants on the farm were extremely healthy and beautiful, and I was given vegetables and flowers from the farm to taste and observe.  I've never seen more beautiful peppers, cabbage, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, and the taste was superb.  The flowers were beautiful and lasted for up to 10 or more days in my home.

    5) He dipped or washed all flowers and vegetables in the treated water and observed that they stayed fresh about twice as long as before.  I can attest to this from my own observation of flowers and vegetables he gave me.

Cannabis Grower 

U4iK Gardens LLP   Testing Cycle April 26 - July 18th 2018


Water Retention/Water Reduction


I’m writing my own experience with not just my knowledge but how well The AgriMaxx ESP system works with my knowledge of the industry. I was called out of the blue by Mike Crist. Mike talked about this technology using frequencies with water, I said come on over. This was the beginning of the biggest challenge that ended up in my hands, one on one with AgriMaxx the machine. I would have never thought about water the way I do now. I’m going to refer to “Hydro Logic RSO Filters” compared to AgriMaxx ESP System. The AgriMaxx system is so efficient that your plants will thank you for it, so will your wallet to pay the water company. HL RSO is the most efficient product to WASTE WATER RATIOS in the industry.


AgriMaxx can customize your own system to your standards and needs regarding water, soil and insect issues.

I have my Standards so overall in the last 4 months using AgriMaxx from the first day I started using it, I had to adjust my formula for my fertilizer the first watering of my entire operation.  My number one goal was to cut costs on Fertilizer and Water usage. The bonus of saving the usage of water and fertilizer is to maximize your growth rate. Overall you will see Healthier, Sturdier Branches to hold up those plump juicy flowers of yours with 10% more yield not guaranteed by AgriMaxx since this is 100% the grower’s responsibility not to burn up your plants by over fertilizing. The Fertilizer I use is 95% Organic/5% Mineral Based. My first watering I took a 35-gal recipe to a 25-gal recipe for 35-gal of water.


The more I used this system, the more benefits I found to be more useful. I have seen less salt build up around the base of the pots and trays. I found out that I do not need to use any detergents, only this water. The best bonus of this system, it allows you to drink the water not like other filter company’s.


The benefits out way everything this machine has to offer also can outperform any filtration systems on the market. There is unlimited water per day that your water pipe can handle. I have Used HL RSO, Sediment and Carbon filters that take out certain harmful chemicals. Since I get to take certain harmful chemicals out of my water which helps the Cannabis Plant uptake the nutrients faster and easier for the tissues to absorb resulting in a very healthy plant. All varieties yield differently.


I stand behind AgriMaxx 100% !

No one can take my knowledge, skills, and years of experience away from me and tell me that this machine doesn’t work. You will get this technology, or you won’t. If you like high priced fertilizer and high-water bills keep on keeping on. Because we all grow differently so 101 factors come into play to cut your cost not mine. If any company says within one week, they haven’t seen one thing different I will call them out. Since I’m trying everything to discredit the ability of this machine. I have not found one thing wrong nor one thing it can’t do. All it does every day is to help you not work against you. I did not look for this machine, this machine found its way to me from a random phone call which lead to some of the best water on the planet.

My last words are going to be Challenge AgriMaxx and if you find one thing it wrong with it, I’ll be amazed.

Golf Course Greenskeeping – Agronomist – Enhanced Organics, LLC.


Frank Zamazal: Former Greenskeeper at Pebble Beach


During my 18 year career as a golf course superintendent, I installed four ESP water conditioning systems, in four geographically different locations: coastal, desert, altitude, and Mediterranean climates. In all four cases, the installation proved to be a game changer, whereby irrigation performance was improved with reduced surface tension, water use was lowered due to improved efficiency, and turfgrass quality was superlative from the beginning to the end of every season. Moreover, at all four locations, my water source and its quality were never similar from recycled water, high bicarbonate well water, potable, to ultra-pure snow melt. In all four locations, I was able to tweak the water with the negatively charged frequencies, so the hydrogen bonding in the water source was broken and water was better able to flow freely from turf to soil. For the price of a new grinder and the cost to power a light bulb, you can make a dramatic impact on your entire golf course with a maintenance free ESP unit.