AgriMaxx ESP Water Technologies

AgriMaxx ESP water conditioning system 

The AgriMaxx ESP (Energy System Plus) system is NOT a water softener or reverse osmosis system. The AgriMaxx ESP water unit is a patented electronic device that works with the ion structure of the water in order to achieve the desired water composition. It is the latest scientific application of an age-old principle based on the sound laws of physics. Water that passes through a controlled electrostatic field in the unit is treated by a patented wave which creates an improved taste, scale reduction, reduced odor and it can control other significant problems in water sources. 

The AgriMaxx ESP system makes a "wetter water" by loosening the ionic bond in the water molecules, which in turn makes it more efficient. The minerals and other key components to a plant’s health remain in the water, but the treatment reduces the extra energy that would ordinarily be required for basic nutrient acquisition. After treatment, the plant has the necessary energy it needs to produce hormones in their proper quantities, as well as vitamins, sugars, starches and proteins necessary for proper metabolism. Simply put, the plant will have additional energy to produce growth and reproduction in greater amounts than it would have ordinarily without the AgriMaxx ESP water unit.

The process also allows the free electrons to capture salts in the water and render those salts less likely to cause salt burn which is typical with water that has heavy salt content, even those that may be extra salt sensitive. The free electrons are able to take the salts to the subsoil well below the root structure and return them to the natural water table. As a result plants are able to grow with fewer, if any, problems relating to excessive salt in the water. The local situation will determine how high the salt content can go and the unit is still effective.

Soils treated with AgriMaxx ESP water have shown increased colloidal properties. The need for fertilizer can be significantly reduced and since the plant materials are utilizing the water more efficiently, the need to water can be less frequent. Negatively charged water appears to result in smaller insect populations as well. The grower saves in both chemicals, labor, and realizes an additional profit as a result of healthier and better plants with greater yields. In addition, the AgriMaxx ESP water unit is environmentally friendly.

Longer life expectancy on all valves, pipes, spray heads, spray equipment and a host of other items can be realized using the AgriMaxx ESP System.  Standard maintenance procedures on equipment will be cut down and in some cases eliminated. The savings will add up month by month due to very little downtime caused by scale buildup in water equipment.

The AgriMaxx Water Device And Transpiration

The water of the AgriMaxx ESP system helps clear leaf surfaces of salt accumulation for better water/mineral /nutrient uptake in the roots.  Transpiration through the plant leaf is affected by the reduction of hydrogen bonding.  As the hydrogen bond of the water has been reduced, transpiration may take place faster resulting in greater uptake of more water and nutrients. An additional result is a greater root, stem and leaf turgidity resulting in fuller plants. Since the unit’s water aids in eliminating the salts on leaf surfaces, more photosynthesis can take place resulting in stronger growth.

The AgriMaxx Water Device And Roots/Soil
Dirt Root.jpg

As a result of the surfactant “wetter water” effect, soil percolation is much greater and more efficient. The water of this unit helps keep the root area cleared of salts which will result in greater water, nutrient and mineral uptake. As a result of surrounding the water, minerals, nutrients, etc. with the negative charge, the items are separated and stabilized so they are more available to the plant in a form it can more readily used.

The AgriMaxx Water And Plant Energy
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Easier access to more available nutrients results in less energy being used by the plant to acquire its water and nutrients. This results in additional energy being available for the purpose of plant maintenance and growth, as well as increased insect and disease resistance.  As a result of greater “passive” movement of nutrients into the plant, energy may also be conserved.  The resultant sequestering effect of the unit’s water means less fertilizers/nutrients will be required.  Resulting in both fertilizer / nutrient savings and energy conservation by the plant.